The Wireless Powered Spots Table – Project Description-

Nowadays more devices are coexisting with us in our homes: TV, DVD, Laptops, Mobile phones, electrical phones. Probabily if you look at your table you will see your  reading lamp, Laptop, Screen, mobile phone, mouse. All these devices require to be connected to a power line or at least to be charged. The consequence is quite simple, multiples wires from the floor to your table, multiples chargers spread in your room. In other words, it is a mess.

The project idea is quite simple, remove all the cables present and to suply power for all these tools or gadgets wirelessly. This will be possible thanks to Wireless Energy Transfer [1] and the low-power new devices.

A lot of researches about Wireless Energy Transfer focuses on transfer the maximum posible power in the maximum power distance, which is a necessary path to investigate[f1], but we will focus on shorts distance for low-power consumption devices (for instance reading  lamps based on leds).

As a concrete product that uses these advances, we [f2] will develop a Table with several Wireless powered Spots to remove all this undesired wires. Because the width of the wood is not expected to be thick, it matches with the idea of the project: short distance for low-power instruments.


This project is carried out by me with any kind of offical support (University, Company) so any sponsor of help will be appreciate. I am a Master Student of Aalborg University (Mobile Communications) and also a 5th year student of Telecommunications Engineering of Malaga.

f1: To let the technology evolve.
f2: Actually I am working alone but any help will be much appreciate.
[1] Wireless Energy Transfer.
[2] Table from:
  • Introduction
  • Appendix: Basic theory